Tackling food poverty and diet related ill-health, and access to affordable healthy food

Plymouth has high levels of child poverty and many people living in the city are at risk of food insecurity (particularly those living on lower incomes, such as families and older adults claiming benefit pensions). We know that we face a number of challenges in relation to food in the city. Food prices have risen, and some areas do not have access to affordable healthy food meaning that the number of people affected by food vulnerability continues to grow.

Our main action in this theme is the recent creation of a Plymouth ‘Food Poverty alliance’, which is made up of a range of our partners who are already engaged in food and poverty work. This alliance aims to to coordinate a tailored ‘Food Poverty Action Plan’ for the city.

The Food Equality Project is consulting individuals and communities to co-create solutions and inform a Food and Poverty Action Plan for Plymouth, this work is now in its second year.